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Welcome To Snow Beach

The Ralph Lauren Polo Snow Beach pullover jacket is one on of the most iconic fashion pieces in hip-hop history. It was sported by Raekwon in the Wu-Tang Clan-Can It Be All So Simple video it has easily stood the test of time. How can one jacket be so serious?! Welp, lets take a look at its history and influence. I welcome you to Snow Beach.

Raekwon is spotted here holding down the Polo jacket since 1992. It proves that genuine acts will always last

longer than trends. generic cialis

Above are stills of Raekwon in the moment of the video. I came across his reaction to the influence the jacket has today on the culture. He stated in his sit down with The Running Late Show:

It’s so crazy because I wasn’t even looking at it like that when I wore it. One thing about me is I grew alternatives to viagra up liking clothes. If I had ONE good something…I would treasure it…

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